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Queen City is Haunted!

Cincinnati has an extremely rich history of archaic haunted buildings and unique stories of wars, murders, and sickness that took thousands of lives!

Do something SCARY this weekend and go on a Haunted Walking Tour of either Cincinnati in Over-the-Rhine or in the historic parts of Newport & Covington Kentucky, where gangster murder stories are sure to give you the chills! American Legacy Tours, famous for their Newport Gangster Tour, developed some spooky walking tours of the city where true stories and real haunted experiences will have you believing in ghosts for sure! Their tours are also just great ways to learn about the diverse and rich history of the wonderful city you live in.

This awesome haunted tour walks you through OTR, where you’ll hear stories about the infamous Music Hall and all of its paranormal activity, as well as, Cincinnati’s “Murder College”, and deaths by Cholera where thousands were buried right underneath what we now know as Washington Park. PLUS with this tour, you’ll always have cool stories to tell all your friends when visiting the OTR area for shopping, dining, etc. Ghost attacks have happened on these tours as well, which would definitely be a great scary story to tell everyone you know! Cincinnati is one of America’s most haunted cities so get out there and experience some paranormal activity!

Live in Kentucky? It’s also haunted there, so you can experience ghosts without even crossing the river! American Legacy Tours also features haunted walking tours of Newport and Covington, where you will hear stories of gangster ghosts, unsolved murder crimes, and even look for ghosts in the haunted mansions of Covington!

This will be the last weekend for all of the haunted tours, so make sure you don’t have to wait until next year! For ticket pricing and other information, see the company’s website:

Have younger kids that want to do something spooky, and/or you’re too much of a scaredy cat? This Saturday, October 27th, BB Riverboats is giving their annual Haunted Pirates of the Ohio Cruise, where kids and families enjoy a 1 1/2 hour cruise on the river with pirates, show off their Halloween costumes, play games, and get pirate treats of course! You can view tour information and cost at:

Celebrate Halloween with something SPOOKY, or at least some spooky CANDY!!

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